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Frank DeCosta was born in East Patterson, New Jersey, November 19, 1943. He is a dreamer, that is his job, he lies in bed everyday for an half hour after he is totally awake, to make sure that there is not a single dream left in him. That one dream may contain something that could spark the beginning of a new creation. Ideas and dreams from within the deepest and secret most part of the brain are what DeCosta is after. His art work shows his dreams to the world.

DeCosta uses the human form placed in a mythical or fantasy realm for subject matter. The human form is the most complicated form on the face of the Earth. Each form is unique and interesting yet, they all have a regular symmetry that is basically the same for all humans. A tree is complicated but, every tree does not have the same symmetry.

The human form can be improved upon, the more it is practiced the better you can become at creating the human form.

The media that he primarily uses, besides sketches that are used for preliminaries, is oil on canvas. An artist will try to achieve a palette that is his own unique creation. The palette will develop naturally over time. The colors that are used on an artist's palette are one that will represent that artist's inner self and best represent the artist. DeCosta's palette is made up of the color purple and it's compliments.

Frank DeCosta was not actually part of a group art movement but, he does associate with a loosely nit group, that shunned the endless quest for the cutting edge and returned to more fundamental areas. His brush strokes are precise, the detail astonishing, and the freshness of his work is such...