Frankenstein and his creation.

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It can be argued that Frankenstein's monster is naturally evil. It can also be argued that he is only a product of his environment. The evidence of the monster's environment manipulating his personality is justified. At the monster's creation he was outcaste by Frankenstein his creator. The one person who should have cared for him the most was utterly disgusted at his creation. Victor set out to create the perfect being. Victor states, "His limbs were in proportion, and I had selected his features as beautiful" (Shelley 35). Once the yellow eyes of the creature awaken Victor abandons his creation and leaves the creature to spend his first moments alone. The creature is left to fend for himself without a companion. " I had never yet seen a being resembling me, or who claimed any intercourse with me" (Shelley 86). His own father and creator would have nothing to do with him and neither would society.

The creature even asks Frankenstein to make him a mate to end his solitude. Out of fear for a new race of supermen, Frankenstein does not create him a mate. This sends the creature into a rage-like state and his vengeance on Frankenstein continues.

Frankenstein's creation has been viewed as a monster. One can argue that Frankenstein himself is a kind of monster, as his ambition, secrecy, and selfishness alienates him from human society. Ordinary on the outside, he may be the true "monster" inside, as he is eventually consumed by an obsessive hatred of his creation. This can be linked back to the monster that hates his creator for having made him. Frankenstein physically creates the creature and forms him into the monster he is by abandoning him at his birth. In turn the monster creates the tortured and frantic life of Frankenstein...