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Frankenstein Essay Victor Frankenstein was the man that single handedly created life from death and brought the worst fear that any human has, the fear of death and tampering with life itself. He created a monster that had the ability to live and respond, but Victor had no real knowledge of what could happened, or what could happen when he plays god. However, his creator himself shuns the monster he creates because it is so horrible and hideous. But could it be that he runs because what he created was himself and it was too much for him to see his horrific wrong doings. Is a monster classified by how it looks or the action it takes. Is it seen a monster because of its abnormal or outcast like attitude toward ?normal? people. If that is what one sees as a monster, then Victor himself could be a monster with description of his life that he led.

Was Victor a monster that was sure he must create life to understand his own? Is the fact that the monster is not understood is because of how society sees his way of learning, and if that is true then Victor himself is a monster, and maybe even more of a monster then Frankenstein. The fact that he is looking for answers to questions in his life and being abnormal socially support the reason for his monstrosity.

Victor created Frankenstein from the body parts of other humans. He had the plans to take human body parts, put in a brain, and turn it into a human. By passing electricity through the body, he believed he could revive the lifeless creation. In the line he says, ?Remember, I am not recording the vision of a madman,? Victor is just showing what his mind and...