Frankenstein by Mary Shelley compared with the metaphors from the song "Every Rose has Its Thorn" by Poison

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In the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, many parallels can be drawn between the lyrics, origin, and mode of Poison's song "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". For example, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", written in 1986, comes from an actual experience of one of the band members in which his dream becomes fulfilled by recording an album and going on tour. At this same point in time he receives word from one of his friends in Los Angeles that his girlfriend starts a relationship with another musician. In this case the song corresponds with Frankenstein when Victor's dream and ambitions are fulfilled letting him successfully bring his creation to life, only to realize that he creates a hideous monster. The loneliness of Victor, the monster, and the author of the song and book creates another example of corresponding themes. Both of these examples provide multiple metaphors and evidence within themselves that show the similarities between the book and song for a great deal of time.

When looking at the parallels between both the book and the song, one needs to study each closely. In breaking down "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", one sees the well developed metaphor of having a dream that comes true, but not without its own dilemmas. If the listener ponders at the two main symbols, the rose and the thorn, he probably finds himself understanding how true the lyrics are, but wondering why they sing such a sad song. However, if the listener does his research he discovers that the rose symbolizes the dream to record an album and go on tour. Further research brings up the fact that the thorn represents the musician's girlfriend who "was seeing a musician from a then famous band, because he had more money than [the Poison band member]...