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Metamorphosis In "Frankenstein"

According to metamorphosis is a transformation, as by magic or sorcery. Frankenstein seems to be using magic or sorcery to bring his creation to life. Also according to change is to be or cause to be different. When Frankenstein's creation was first brought to life he was kind and needing of love from his creator like a newborn child longs for its mother. Throughout the story, because of Frankenstein's hatred towards his creation, the creature changed from a kind being longing for love into a hatred monster full of anger and looking for revenge.

Frankenstein's creation probably would not have become a mean killing machine if Frankenstein had showed him the love and compassion that his creation deserved. Frankenstein also changed after his creature came to life. It seemed as if he wanted very much so for Frankenstein to live before he was alive, but then as soon as the electricity flowed through out the lifeless body and it began to move, Frankenstein took on a new outlook on things and was afraid.

Change can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation, yet in the situation noted in "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly, change was a bad thing. Change is necessary in everyone's life in order to construct a person's character and personality. If change is not inflicted upon people's lives then they would never be able to grow up, or be able to learn and make decisions. Without change the world would not continue to spin on its axle. Time would become frozen. Without change everything would be the same.

Change is also expressed throughout the story by who is narrating the story. The narration flips from Walton in his letters, to Victor Frankenstein, to his creation, and...