"Frankenstein" by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley - Book Report

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Title of Work: Frankenstein

Author and Date written: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, 1818

Country of Author: London, England



Robert Walton- A man of strong resolve, Walton is the captain of a ship sailing towards the North Pole. Absolutely amazed by its awesome power, Robert Walton makes it his objective to seek out the source of the magnetic field and he is not at all hesitant to sacrifice a few of his crewmembers to the harsh environment in order to make this discovery of a lifetime. However, misfortune strikes in the form of two frozen ice sheets and traps Walton and his crew. It is here that Walton meets the protagonist of our tale, Victor Frankenstein. Henceforth, Walton serves a conduit through which the reader will hear the story of Victor and his abhorred creation.

Victor Frankenstein- The ambitious and self-centered Victor Frankenstein our main protagonist in this story.

He is first introduced in the beginning on the novel when Robert Walton finds him wandering the in vast ice fields of the North. His is a story of death, disaster and dismay, which he relates to Walton.

The Monster- Standing at a staggering 8 feet, with "yellow skin scarcely covering the work of muscles and arteries beneath", the monster of our tale is a repulsive-looking freak of nature. He is highly intelligent and tries to fit in with the society surrounding him, but his hideousness repulses all that see him. Desolate and alone, the monster seeks out his creator.


Henry Clerval- Henry is the loyal and caring friend of Victor Frankenstein. He accompanies Victor to Ingolstadt. He is constantly caring after Victor when

Elizabeth- An orphan adopted by the Frankenstein family, Elizabeth is the quiet and passive sister of Victor Frankenstein. She is a caring individual, constantly...