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A person is born with a comman good, the evil is instilled throughout their meetings with mankind. When focusing on the novel Frankenstein, and the monster created within the lines of the book, the reader can become aware of just how Shelly develops the notion that inhumanity is a result of the monsters behavior.

In the first few chapters of the book we come to find out that our main character, Victor, is in the process of trying to "create life." Victor Frankenstein is a very intelligent man, and it is his dream to create a new race of creatures. It is never known as to how he ultimately brings life into his monster, for the reasoning that he doesn't want his secretes shared, but it's recognized that he exists. Victor takes months to create this life and as soon as he attains his goal, he realizes what he has done and is repulsed.

The monster is horrifying, he states, "the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart." Victor Frankenstein feels no love for the creation he has just produced, feels no excitement for what he has just done, he feels only remorse and regret. This creation from the starting point is not shown love, he has no one to teach him and guide him. The monster was left to fend for himself, he was basically an orphan from the beginning. At the time when he was created, it was as if he was being born, a child needs love to form a foundation, to learn wrong from right, and he was not given this. The monster is focused on in the chapters following those as he narrates his own view points. We see that this monster is not a cold-hearted beast, but he...