Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Franklin Delano RooseveltFranklin Delano Roosevelt (F.D.R.) was educated at Harvard University. Then attended a law school. Later, he dropped it and went into politics because he admired his distant uncle, Theodore Roosevelt, the President of the U.S. This was the beginning of his fame of presidency.

One thing in his life that leads him to become President is he helped the poor when he was a governor of New York. He proposed one of the first programs to help poor people. In 1932, he did just that. F.D.R. gathered the Nation's governor for a program to have tax cuts for the unemployed. Another thing that helped him to become President was his political background. His distant uncle, Theodore Roosevelt, was President before him. Franklin D. Roosevelt followed Theodore's example. He was his idle.

Many experiences Franklin D. Roosevelt had led him to become President. He had a personal war with a disabling illness called polio.

He was paralyzed from the waste down. After his rehabilitations, he showed the American people his strength and determination that this disease will not stop him by walking without crouches. This gave the American people hope that difficult situation can and will be overcome.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (F.D.R.) was elected four times in office. Throughout his term, he dealt with his illness, the Great Depression, and WWII. These three situation did not bring the nation down. His good attitude and helpful ways shape the nation back to prosperity.