Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover

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The pragmatist Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the business elitist Herbert Hoover both believed they possessed the best remedy for America's depression. The issue of these former president's political spectrum standing has been throughly argued. Yet, it is quite obvious who possessed more liberal ideas, and wanted to change the government, versus more conservative ideas, and wished to keep the government the same. Though both Hoover and Roosevelt often exhibited ideas which reflected the opposite of their original standpoints, Hoover was primarily conservative, while Roosevelt was primarily liberal.

The conservative republican, Herbert Hoover, believed in the lazze faire ideals of capitalism, and that the federal government should stay out of the economy. Anything besides this lassie faire attitude would bring about to much change and would". . .part with. . the public interest. . ." as suggested by Hoover's candidate speech. However, with the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and the depression getting worse everyday, Hoover needed to do something.

Yet, even in this desperate time, he was not willing to take a liberal stand of change, rather retained his conservatism as suggested by his second annual message to Congress. In which, Hoover states that the government should not intervene, but suggest businesses to voluntarily cooperate with the effort to raise the economic status of the fallen America. However, Hoover did advocate some change and reform within his presidential reign as displayed in his statement to the press in 1931 where he advocates loans to help agriculture. Yet, these changes all functioned within the businesses' wishes, and the republican idea of limited government spending directly for the people, as seen on the U.S. Bureau of the Census which shows the limited government spending during Hoover's administration. Thus, Hoover's small contribution to change the government to provide direct aid during the...