Franklin Delano Roosevelt What is this about? Everything FDR did during his presidency.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

How does one measure great influence? Perhaps the number of people affected can measure influence or how long the changes last. Perhaps influence is measured by its impact on history or the impact felt by the world. Franklin Roosevelt's influence encompasses all these measurements. His life and legacy influenced the lives of millions in the past and is still affecting those who live today. During his four terms as President, Roosevelt faced a Great Depression and a World War. His leadership, during both, has changed the government of the United States, as we know it. His presidency protected freedom and democracy, and has even lead to a change in our constitution. Franklin Roosevelt is easily the most influential person of the century and has interested me greatly due to the fact that he was in a wheel chair most of his life but in spite of that he was one of the strongest men ever to set foot into the white house.

The Great Depression was a horrible time for the nation and for capitalism itself. In other countries, economies were so bad that people, according to famous economist Maynard Keynes, "began trading personal freedoms for economic security". Roosevelt's New Deal was his policy for trying to pull the United States out of the Great Depression. In the U.S., people were not at the point of trading freedoms for a job; perhaps in part to the hope that Roosevelt and his administration gave to the people. Roosevelt's administration passed bill after bill that enlarged the power size of the government. The government turned its concentration from simply watching the economy to becoming actively involved in the economy, and everyday life. Due to Roosevelt's work, "The despair that had hung over the land was lifted..."

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