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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who lived from 1882 to 1945, was the 32nd President of United States (Electric Library). Roosevelt became the president in March 1933 at the depth of the Great Depression, was re-elected for an unprecedented three more terms, and died in office in April 1945. He died less than a month before the surrender of Germany in World War II (Electric Library). Despite an attack of poliomyelitis, which paralyzed his legs in 1921, he was a charismatic optimist whose confidence helped sustain the American people during the strain if economic crisis and World War (Britannica, Vol. 26, Page 998).

The legendary president was born on Jan 30, 1882, at the family estate in Hyde Park (White House Webpage). Young Franklin had a secure and idyllic childhood. Franklin's most lasting educational experience was at Groton School in Massachusetts (Electric Library). At Groton, Franklin revealed that he could adapt himself readily to different circumstances.

Even when he went to Harvard, the experience was only relatively impressive (White House Webpage).

While at Harvard, Franklin fell in love with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, his fifth cousin once removed (White House Webpage). Eleanor and Franklin move easily among the upper classes in New York and Campobello. Eleanor, however, was often unhappy, because during much of her married life, she had to live near Franklin's widowed and domineering mother. During World War I, she was staggered to discover that Franklin was having an affair with her social secretary, a pretty young lady name Lucy Mercer. Despite these tensions, Eleanor remained a helpful mate throughout the 40 years of her marriage to Franklin (Britannica Vol. 26, Page 998).

The Democratic Organization in such a duchess country needed a candidate for the New York Senate in 1910 (White House Webpage). Party leader recognized that although Roosevelt...