Franz Marc: a brief frames analysis

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Influenced by Cubism, Impressionism, Expressionism and Futurism.

Was interested in art based on a wide spectrum of colour that expressed profound emotional and spiritual states and feelings.

Suffered from episodes of severe depression that impacted on his artwork in a big way.

Much of experimentations were motivated by a desire to have his own personal style.

Believed every person has an "inner world" and an "outer world" and that art can bring these worlds together. The outer world of colour and form can bring the artist or viewer into the inner world through the feeling s/he experiences.

Thus, Marc's artworks represented a major statement on his artistic beliefs and ideology.


A pioneer of abstract art.

Founded Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Riders) in 1911 with Kandinsky.

Studied at the Kunstakademie in Munich with Gabriel Hackl and Wilhelm von Diez.

Was introduced to Japanese woodcuts and the work of Parisian Impressionists during a visit to France.

This marked a turning point in his artistic life.

Influenced by Theology.


Usually painted with oil paint on canvas.

Often painted animals. Taught anatomy classes. Depicted animals very realistically at first, but as he was gradually pulled into the abstract art community his depictions of animals became increasingly distorted and abstract, resulting in crazy, colourful and often indecipherable crystalline patterns. "I found people 'ugly' very early on; animals seem to me more beautiful, more pure; but even in animals I discovered much that was unfeeling and ugly, so that my pictures instinctively...became increasingly more schematic, more abstract."

Used bold colours to express emotions.

Many of his most famous works involve the use of rich, chromatic symbols. He uses horses as a symbol of nature, and later, as messengers of the spiritual "inner world".

Basic features of his works include impressively large scale,