Free Will

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Free will or destiny, one can argue both ways. Do we live simple pointless lives, with a plan already set aside for us, like robots; or do we have control of our actions? I believe that both free will and destiny both exist as one. Before you are born there is a plan for you. But it is through your own thoughts and actions that decide if you are going to follow that plan. There is that inner voice telling you what to do, like your conscience. Another way to show we have free will is that we have feelings of pride, sorrow, and happiness resulting from our actions. Kurt Vonnegut's slaughter house five is on the right track, but he is wrong. He states that we are robots. That is not true.

Free will and destiny both exist. Yes I believe in destiny, but it can be changed. For example, Adam and Eve they were perfect and would have been.

They were like robots, doing no wrong just what was right. Then one day they both decided to eat the fruit. That changed there destiny and everybody in the futures destiny. Another example is in, Kurt Vonnegut's, Slaughter House Five the main character, Billy Pilgram, at times feels like he could have changed things. The time he proposed to his wife, He heard a voice in his head telling him to do it. But he did not want to. He followed his destiny and did not try to change it, or was not a strong enough willed person to change it. Look at all the people born in poverty and became rich. Was it there destiny to become rich? I don't think so. They went through school, spent the long hours studying, and got the scholarships to go...