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18 March 2014


Setting people free to pursue their own self-interest produces a far more productive society than what you would get if you try to impose political or religious rules. Free people allowed to make free choices in free markets will satisfy their needs (and society's) far better than any government can. Allowing people and countries to specialize and to trade freely would produce enormous wealth, because freeing people and nations to do what they do best will produce vastly more wealth than if everyone strives for self-sufficiency.

People have certain natural rights and that deprivation of these rights is immoral. Among these natural rights are the right to personal autonomy and property rights, and the right to the utilization of previously unused resources. There is also the respect for the natural rights of others. Without a willing population, voluntary cooperation is impossible.

Having a willing population with voluntary cooperation is intricately tied to the promotion of natural rights.

As people lose their dignity, the government gains control of their body and their life. When individuals give up their natural rights to government this prevents people from living in their own way and working and producing at their own pace. The result is a decrease in self-reliance and independence, which results in a decrease in personal dignity, which in turn depresses society and necessitates more government interference.

Government is the cause of crime and prejudice because it robs people of their independence and frustrates initiative and creativity. Then, having created the sources of crime and prejudice by depriving individuals of their natural rights, government attempts to exorcise the evils with more controls over natural rights

If freedom is valued, then society must work towards a system in which individuals...