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Essay by smath March 2006

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Lately there has been much debate over free public colleges. Public colleges would be free just as the traditional public schools are for grades 1-12. They would be enforced making schooling last sixteen years. While there are advantages to this, there are far more disadvantages. I think that public colleges are a bad idea because it would decrease pay of those who graduate college, people would not care about school as much, and there would be less choices of where to go to school.

Some state officials would like to have public colleges, as a way to not only force people into attending 16 years of school, but as a way for parents and students to save money. This many save money for the four years that the student is enrolled in school but overall it is way more expensive. The increase in taxes will be huge, and people must pay taxes.

Without a tax increase there would be no possible way to build the schools, hire new teachers, or pay for everything else needed, such as books. No one is forced by law to go to college, so paying for it is an option. There are also thousands of scholarships and grants for those who go to college, and they can save money. There are no ways to get out of paying taxes. Making college free and mandatory hurts those who would have chosen to go to college whether it cost money or not. If everyone went to college there would be no advantage pay wise for these people who decided to continue their education. Public education may save money for a few years, but with the tax increase and pay decreasing it saves no money in the long run.

If there were public colleges people would lose an...