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Running head: FREE TRADE Free Trade Wheat_boy Clarion University When discussing world trade issues many concepts and ideas are debated among professional economists. In every economists head they have their own idea on how the concept of free trade affects the world?s economy and society. Bickering amongst each other they try to come up with contracts and regulations that will help improve world trade. They all have goals set that they will defend over and over again. In this article called, "Face Off" two well-renounced authors and specialist go head to head in discussing pros and cons of free trade. Sherry Cooper and Linda McQuaig both have points of views that either support or are against free trade.

Starting off with Sherry Cooper who is mostly for the benefits that free trade offers to the world economy and society. She comes out stating that the world has seen substantial economic expansion and wealth ("Face Off," 2001).

Looking around at the other countries in the world, I am not seeing this economic expansion. Cooper says that in the last 40 years the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) has doubled ("Face Off," 2001). When I look around maybe the governments of the individual countries have doubled their earnings, but unfortunately, I do not see this economic expansion filtering down to the general population of the third world countries. At least Cooper comes to say that there is no distinction between the social classes ("Face Off," 2001). The richer get richer and the poor end up being deported from their own country.

Sherry Cooper comes out stating a second point why free trade has helped many countries but also has hurt many countries. Countries like the United States require that all people under the age 18 go to school for a free education. This...