Free writers: a Problem and a Solution.

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Free writers are a threat to world safety. Free writers threaten to undermine global security in a variety of ways. Free writing supports and encourages environmental destruction, global warming, child labor, and most importantly: terrorism. I'm sure you're asking yourself what kind of twisted person could even find a remote connection between any of these topics. I will show you that my argument is logical and sane.

What are the two basic necessities of free writing? You need a pen and paper. Let us focus on the paper for the time being, more on the pen will follow. It is common knowledge that paper comes from trees. You have to kill trees to free write. It is also common knowledge that cutting down trees is not good for the environment. You can now see how free writing is linked to environmental destruction. My notebook says it was made in Brazil.

There are a whole lot of trees in Brazil.

A large portion of the Amazon rainforest is situated in Brazil. I think I can safely infer that that the paper in my notebook came from the Amazon rainforest. Scientific studies have linked the destruction of the rainforests to a rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. CO2 has been linked to the Greenhouse Effect. The Greenhouse Effect causes the earth to become artificially warm, thus, global warming. I think it is safe to say free writing encourages and even enhances global warming. What if your notebook was made in China? Well, that a whole different ballgame.

There is a common labor method used in China called the sweatshop. Sweatshops are staffed by children. Common practice in sweatshops is to have young children work twelve or more hours a day for only pennies per hour. Buying the products these...