Freedom And Going To College

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"Study hard and you will succeed,"� my parents told me as they signed the final papers to enroll me into college. Mom and Dad sent me away to college to further my education. What Mom and Dad don't seem to realize is college is nothing but fun! Why study when you can party every night until 4:00 a.m., play beer pong and dance for hours with gorgeous members of the opposite sex and get drunk? Having no one around to tell you what to do, no one to tell me to clean my room or be in by twelve o'clock"¦ What could be better than all of this freedom? Nothing, right? Wrong. Being a college student is not about freedom, it is really about becoming a content person in life. Among the many types of college students, the first type of student I have come across is what I like to call the "serious"� type.

It is definitely known to these students that they are free to do as they please, come and go as they please, or pass or fail as they please. These types of students are as meticulous in his studies as Bill Clinton was not to let his secret of Monica Lewinsky get out (nor do they inhale!). Granted, they don't get down to their work in the oval office, but they do run circles around their schoolwork like a marathon runner. They always have their textbooks covered and notebooks labeled like it is their religion. They are the kind of people I always wanted to be. They do not wait for success; they work for success. True, they don't party. They don't stay out all night long or even meet as many people as others, but they do well in their classes while knowing...