Freedom of Choice - a rather funny look on how to pay a stay abroad

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Freedom of Choice

Need a loan? Well, when you can answer this question with "yes" you probably just have returned from or are about to depart on a stay abroad. Of course you've forgotten to apply for a scholarship and you've kind of fallen out with your parents so that money definitely is an issue here. To drop your studies does not appeal to you at all because it might just make the rift in your relationship with your parents irreversible. So it is fairly normal that you are wondering how you got yourself into such a mess. Well, don't worry the problem can be tackled in different ways.

The first of a series of difficulties for you having a tight budget and to go abroad - you have to decide on a destination. It could be Oakland, New York, Sydney or really any place in the world as long as English is the official language of the place chosen and you can afford the journey.

The cost of the journey has a massive influence on the choice and some people would rather spend six months living in the university's English department than spending loads of money on a journey. Unfortunately, the English Department bit is never going to happen and probably this is why quite some students end up having decided on the United Kingdom as the place they want to be. As far as I know, the UK is a rather expensive place to be but concerning the journey it doesn't get any shorter and cheaper than this. You can get a bargain flight with Ryan Air or one of those commuter tickets for either one of the ferries or the Channel Tunnel train. If none of these possibilities appeals to you, - swim. Considering this, the rest...