Freedom to Live

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He died at the age of ninety-seven of natural causes. He lived a wonderful life with a wife and four healthy children, who now have healthy families of their own. I never saw my great-grandpa without a cigarette in his mouth except at church, and he died of natural causes. He had smoked for eighty-two years of his life and enjoyed every minute of it. His descendents are not suffering any consequences of his actions. There are an endless number of stories like the above. Children and adults live their lives around second-hand smoke every day. Smoking should not be banned, because it is a person's individual right and should not be controlled by the government.

Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence that, "all men are created equal; that they are endowed by our creator with inherent and inalienable rights." This being true and held constant, smoking should be allowed in public.

Allowing the government to slowly take over parts of our lives and control them, will eventually lead America into a state of Communism. The government cannot and should not attempt to control smoking. There are many other dangerous situations that are not monitored or controlled by the government. Certain amounts of exposure to the sun have been proven to cause skin cancer, however the government has done nothing to try and protect those who would not like to be exposed by taking away the privilege of those who enjoy the sunlight. The people who fear the damage their skin will encounter from exposure to the sun must do their own things to remedy it. For example, staying indoors or wearing clothing that covers their skin. In the same sense, the government cannot justify taking away a smoker's privilege to enjoy a cigarette, simply because there are...