Is Freedom Really Free?

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Freedom is free--or is it free? Our country has been called free for a long time. The question, "Is freedom free?" comes up a lot in the world today.

In my opinion freedom is free, but at the same time it isn't free. America had to pay a price for freedom after leaving England over two hundred years ago. A huge war was fought for our freedom. Because of that war Americans have the right of what religion they are; they aren't told what to wear, how to speak, or how to live their lives.

In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed for our freedom and independence. Today we have rights to do many things, but there are still some restrictions. One restriction is no prayer in school, which really bothers me. If we have freedom of religion we should have the right to pray in school. For so long, God and religion have been gone from school.

Our nation itself was built on the words "In God we trust." If our nation is trusting in God, then why not follow His ways? After September 11th it has been a real blessing seeing America come together and praying. In my opinion, it is worth risking lives to keep our freedom.

Is freedom free? No, it isn't. Everything has a cost. Love is the only thing that doesn't cost anything. The cost for freedom is a lot and we should keep fighting for it.

America is going through a lot of pain right now. After losing so many people in the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, we need to come together. The government is trying to make America more secure, but does that involve taking away from our freedom? If our freedom is taken away, that will be going against what our country has been known for. What will become of our freedom in America?