Is Freedom Really Free?

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"Is freedom really free?" I don't know. If freedom is really free then why are some many people fighting over freedom? Everything in this world has a price. And believe or not freedom even has a price. I would say that price of freedom of living in a country is definitely war. There are so many prices of freedom and I feel that they are money, rebuilding of damaged structures, and losing lives.

First of all, money is important for freedom, because without money we wouldn't have the weapons to fight our wars. And without money we wouldn't be able to help other countries fight for their own freedom from overruling governments to cruel dictators. Money is a first important step to protect your freedom and to gain it also.

Secondly I feel that rebuilding is important to freedom, especially now due to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

We need to rebuild our nation not just these buildings. During that awful morning of September 11th many lost their lives. And many of those people were fire fighters who saved thousands of people by rescuing them from the buildings. But now that these courageous people have passed away heroically the rebuilding process has been hurried to show that we will never forget what they have done for our nation.

Finally I feel that losing lives is an important part of the freedom process. I feel that way because in every war in any place people have lost their lives for their countries freedom. In the Revolutionary War America fought against England for our freedom and we won. Although we won many people lost their lives for our countries freedom. We need to be thankful for everyone who serves in a war that is for their country's freedom because they are the true heroes.

As you have read through my report, I hope you learn that everything has a price, even freedom. But if freedom is really free, then why do so many die for it? So if your wondering if freedom is really free, I don't know but maybe you could tell me.