Freedom on Speech

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Desiree Margani

J. Mercer

AP Language and Composition

14 September 2014

Freedom of Speech

The fact, that freedom of speech is no longer in the nation's interest, is an outrage. To begin with, freedom of speech is listed in the constitution under the first amendment. Therefore, the nation itself, would be defying the document, the foundation our nation was built upon. Secondly, freedom of speech allows an outreach, for compressed emotion. Without the ability to speak freely, many more people would use physical conflict as the outbreak, instead of speaking their minds. Thirdly, freedom of speech causes people to face opinions they disagree with, and grow from the criticism. The growth makes them a stronger person and more prepared for the real world.

If our nation, were no longer to care about freedom of speech, there would be an outrage, throughout the entire nation. People would use physical approaches, to aspects they disagree with, verses, being civil, and using words to voice their opinions.

With the increase in physical conflict, many more people will be arrested for public disturbance. The increase in prisoners, will leaving many children without parents, and many parents without caretakers, making them the states responsibility. Meaning, the children will be put into foster homes, or orphanages while the elder parent will be put into nursing homes. To grow up in an orphanage is no humane punishment for a child whose parent, was unable to voice their opinion properly. Nor is it appropriate for an elder to be forced into a caretaking facility, when they had a perfectly fine life, with their child taking care of them. Along with the increase in prisoner numbers, there would also, be a rise in unemployment, causing businesses to close down. By select businesses, closing down, their competitors are allotted an...