Freedom to Wed

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Same-sex marriages are illegal in California, as well as many other states. Two people in love, no matter what their sexual orientation, race, or status should be allowed to wed. The institution of marriage has been controversial for centuries. It was only after the civil war that African-Americans could wed in the United States. People of different races were not allowed to marry until 1967, when the US Supreme Court ruled they could. People in same-sex relationships are facing the same battles fought and won by African-American and mixed race couples of the past. Marriage is a basic human right and the state should not interfere with a couple's choice to wed. By interfering and condemning same-sex marriages and unions, the state is discriminating against those in such a relationship.

Most people do not understand that marriage comes with benefits and privileges that same-sex couples are denied. When a heterosexual couple marries the state grants them about 400 rights and the federal government grants and additional 1,000 benefits.

Some of these benefits are taken for granted by heterosexual couples. Why does a married man have the right to visit his dying wife in the hospital while in a similar situation, the partner of another man must sit in the waiting room and be treated like a stranger? If we asked people if this was fair, most would say no. But, by not allowing same-sex marriages we are denying couples this privilege.

People that are against same-sex marriage have said that by allowing same-sex couples to marry we are undermining the sacredness of marriage. I do not see how. How is it any less sacred for two loving people, who happen to be of the same sex, to take vows and commit to their relationship than it is for two...