Freedome vs Order.

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Where does one draw the line between individual freedom and the ability to maintain order? The two often conflict. When the law demands obedience, it promotes order but restricting individual freedom. When the individuals are given complete freedom, are social order might be threatened. When given complete freedom it's in people's nature to abuse the power and not take responsibility.

I think people will never be happy. Once you give them order in the society they feel oppressed and once they get to much freedom they cry out for order because all hell breaks loose. The best thing is to do is to promote order with out oppressing too much freedom. How would you do that? Well give people order but at the same time let them have there freedom. Let people do what they want to do as long as it's not hurting anyone or anything. Such a compromise is really hard to match even in the animal world.

Take a wild sheep. It can wander anywhere it wants. But it may wander off where there is no grass, and starve. It may wander where there is a wolf, and be eaten. The sheep has absolute freedom, but no safety or security. Now consider the sheep that lives with a farmer. This sheep is absolutely safe. The farmer will shoot any wolf that comes near. If the sheep is ill, the farmer will give it medicine. The farmer will make sure that the sheep has grass and water. Life is good for the sheep. Just that the sheep has no freedom and the farmer may take away the sheep's wool coat whenever it is needed. Or he may even kill the sheep for food when it is old. Sheep are not intelligent and do not care about freedom.