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. things flow through my mind and heart, where u wouldn't even know where to begin to start! If I could just tell you what I think I think U would need to sit down and take a drink! Whether I should do this or that or maybe try out dragon kombat, when someone has put their life in a glitch is it for me to hit the switch and give them a very big stitch which would end their life as of seeing that ruthless lieing bitch? Wow.. that's a tung-twister so I don't know what to do give her my shoe or let her fuck two...ewww I don't want that smoo anywhere even near my shoe! I think I rather pass and take reality class, as everyone's sleeping im creeping at ginnies house with my fists out beaten him opps he cant get out...not even a shout....haha look at him now hes fucked up on the couch!..ouch

maybe he'll think twice b4 he rolls his dike and fucks her twice ill robb yur ass of cash quicker then a dotted dash im fast, thinkin my styles weak, u take a seat yur words don't commend to what I speak yur a mistaken leak that squeaked, now yur ass will be beat, when u get outa that seat, whats amatter yo cant take the heat what I broke the rubber stuck it up in yur mother made another, yur lifes in the gutter, mother fucker yur a sucker don't like liein questions everyone around me is dieing, nobody should be shyin, it's a weakness left crying, keep firing need 5 g's to go need 10 g's to show what lifes about yo.. I don't know ask Cleo a lieing physic who cant convince u to buy...