Freewomen and slave women in the household in the Roman Empire.

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Wealth and poverty have long been existed on this world. Only ten to fifteen thousands years ago, people were able to extract human effort on the basis of need. Since there were no surplus to hoard, everybody must contribute effort to his society to help his society, and so himself, survive. As human's knowledge of using tools in producing, gathering and hunting increased, they had not only enough supplies for their demand but also surplus to be struggled. There were some individuals in the society who had better privilege or social position (because of their strength or their ability to contribute to society) would share those surplus. The gap between who had the surplus and who had not - which we call inequality - began appearing. Those who had surplus could use their wealth to have more power or authority and then used their power to earn more wealth, and so on...

Since human's intellect and experience has grown up continuously, the gap has never stopped increasing. In our modern world, the gap has been so enormous that the problem of wealth and poverty have been so obviously to all of us.

Wealth is apparently a problem to the society. First of all, wealth is money and any belonging that can be converted to money, such as: cars, houses, real estate, furniture, house facilities... That are also the human's need, and the human's need is unlimited. When a man has no home, he only wish for a house; but when he has a house he will probably wish for a car; when he has a car he will work hard to have a bigger house with good facilities, and so on... This is the nature of human, when a man reaches his target, he always set a higher target for...