French and Indian War

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Mrs. DeMassa AP U.S. History

The French and Indian war, caused by territorial rivalries, raged from 1754-1763 between the British Colonies and the French-Indian alliance. The War errupted unofficially in 1754 when General George Washington and his colonial armies clashed with the French in the upper Ohio Valley. In 1756 the French and Indian war was officially declared and expanded into the first world war on American soil. Both the French and the British Colonies were aided with armed forces from their parent countries of France and Great Britain. In 1763 the war was ended with a British victory and the Paris Treaty. After the war, the relations between Great Britain and the colonies were strained as the war left Britian struggling economically. The French and Indian War altered the ideological, political, and economic relations between Britian and its American Colonies. Ultimatley, the war caused tensions due to fundamental misinterpretations, economic tax burndens, and mild political rebellions against the seemingly oppressive British parliament.

First, the French and Indian War altered the ideological relations between Britian and its American Colonies. During the war, Britian was struggling economically as the war expenses to aid young North America were too great. As a result, Britian decided to end its previous policy of salutary neglect and begin the Imperial Reorganization where Britian would have a tighter grip on American life and business. Social wise, the colonists only wanted to retain their rights as British citizens and to be acknowledged as so; but Britian did not see them as such and only used the colonists to benefit Britain and continue its policy of mercantilism. Britian controlled the colonies under martial law and denied the colonists all the English born liberties that they were rightfully entitled to. This angered the colonists as...