The French: creative, witty, humorous expository essay on the French people and culture, the prof. found it hilarious. Needs readeability improvements.

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The French:

I am writing about the French because they have had quite an effect on me. I mean, I kind of consider myself French. Whenever an American asks me where I am from, their response to my "France" is invariably a demonstration of how uncultured, unintelligent, and/or unknowledgeable they are. They will generally break out into a triumphant cry of "Fromage!", and then laugh. Or worse, they'll itch their head and pose the question: "In Kansas, right?" Unfortunately because I am also American and do hold an American passport, I am more guilty of such things than your average American. I say all of it, but because I am half-French, I say them better.

My purpose here is to reveal the French. I want to show what all of these things are, about which the French are made fun of. I wish to describe what they are in actual France. And of course, because I am half-French, after all, I wish to explain why the rest of the world is undeniably inferior (a favorite French topic of discussion). They haven't won a war in 200 years, yet they are more arrogant It does sound like I am generalizing, that springing from the fact that I am generalizing, but if I were to describe every single exception this essay would take on monolithic proportions.

The French are especially renowned for their cooking, and for their attitude. Perhaps this could best be illustrated with a personal anecdote. Some relations of mine were over visiting with us in France (several years ago), and as one does when visiting in France, we were out to dinner to some traditional French food. On the menu and sounding very good was Magret de Canard, which is very lightly cooked pan-seared duck...