French Revolution

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Angelina Danuns

Mr. Fogel

1 October 2013

French Revolution Essay

French Revolution. These two words bring back so many memories and emotions to so many people even today. Its know as one of the most bloodiest events in the world. The French revolution was groundbreaking for numerous reasons: Firstly, The Revolution was a time when people were denied their humanity. Secondly, they were placed into estates with rules that they might not have wanted to follow. The Revolution was cruel, bloody, and painful. When the regime wasn't able to tackle the problems of the country on its own, the citizens start making up their own solutions in order to find their way out of the difficulties. The revolution had numerous important events and figures but I believe that the most important were the Three Estates, Storming of the Bastille, Marie Antoinette, and the Reign of Terror.

France was made up of three estates, the first estate (Clergy), Second Estate (Nobility, and the third estate ("everybody else").

The Clergy had all the rights and then Nobility had most. The third estate had hardly any rights. Countless people in France thought that the monarchy system was an awful way of controlling a country. This is where the philosophers such as Voltaire and Montesquieu come in. These philosophers brought numerous amounts of ideas to the citizens and made them take action in order to demolish the monarchy system, which was called the "Change in public opinion." The Three Estates had many difficulties along the journey of the French Revolution including the Tennis Court Oath. The Tennis Court Oath was a "meeting" on if the Nobles and Clergy joined the third estates "National Assembly." This gathering took place on 5 May 1789 and ended on 27 June. At first Louis lost control of...