French Revolution

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The French Revolution

The French Revolution 8


The French Revolution was one of the most relevant events in the modern Western history. This revolutionary movement took place in the last years of the eighteenth century, most precisely between 1789 and 1799. During this period, the monarchy was radically overthrown and the government drastically changed. As this struggle marked a turning point in human society and the world history, France was never to be the same.


Louis XVI Wars and Taxation

One of the main causes was observed not only in Louis XVI's sumptuous kingship but also in the disproportionate social and economic condition of the lower classes. Accordingly, the higher classes, nobles and the clergy were absolved from taxation and the lower classes were oppressed (Lay, 1960). Moreover, as regards political conflicts, the constant quarrels between the monarchy and the nobility progressively resulted in a war which finally provoked a bankruptcy.

Influence of the American Revolution

Another important factor that led to the French Revolution was the American one, which was caused mainly due to the spread of new ideas that were sweeping France. The Enlightenment was a significant movement that attempted to reorder political differences. This era "reinforces traditional aristocratic constitutionalism" (Schwartz, 2014, p. 1).

During the 17th century, high society and middle classes in England joined forces and were considered the most influential ones in Britain. This would mean that the gentry became conscious of the situation and afraid of workers starting a rebellion. Besides, the menace of a revolt was seen not only where the enclosures took place but also in the boroughs. To make matters worse, due to the growth of population, political instability aroused in the country. On this account, cities around Europe were threatened to a revolution coming to Britain. So,