French Revolution

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French Revolution The French Revolution started in 1789 to 1799. It mostly had to do with France, but it had effects on other countries as well. It began with the king low on money and the people too. The king needed more money, and the people were too poor to pay. The rich people liked the king because they got many benefits from the king. They also had the easiest and less dirty jobs. The people of the middle and lower classes didn't like the king because he abused his power to do whatever he wanted. They also didn't like the jobs they had to do. They had to do the hardest and dirtiest jobs. People started to rebel because the king raised the taxes, or they didn't like the idea of the king ruling over everyone. It was against some people's religion that a person was born to rule over others.

France was a bourbon monarchy government. People started revolting and grouping against the king.

France went to war with Sardinia and Prussia and Austria. The king hid from the revolting people, leaving the country helpless to other countries that they were at war with. This caused a perfect time for other countries to attack, and many people were killed. The people were mad that the king did nothing to save them while other countries attacked them.

A time of death started in 1793 and ended in 1794. It was a time when the king aided Mazimilien Robespiere to kill any people that started to rebel. Over 2,639 people died in Paris died alone. Between 30,000 to 40,000 people died altogether. These were only the people that were officially executed. Some people were just executed, or killed without record. It all ended when the lower class rebellion captured and executed Robespiere.

The people then captured the king and executed him in 1793. After King Louis XV1 was captured for giving poor advice to the King and he did what she said. Rebelling people executed her.

People's lives were changed during the revolution. Every day they lived differently. They didn't want to be accused of being apart of the revolution. Laws were made during the revolution and people were punished severely if they broke them. Some people stayed home and didn't go out much.