The french revolution. this essay states the cause, the events, and the effects of the french revolution.

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Throughout the history of the world there have been many changes. Changes are only natural for a person, society, or government to go through. At certain time changes have come and gone in big ways. Wars have been fought and people have died, over changes.

In late 1700s people were unhappy with the present state of society in France. The poor began poor, and the rich were rich. The separation between the classes was growing and people were unhappy. The poor were poor and they were stuck that way for life. The majority of people in France were poor, or members of the third estate. 98 percent of the people made up the third estate. Late into the 1700s the third estate began questioning life in general. The third estate was questioning the way the government should be run. Enlighten thinkers became popular and were supported by the third estate.

Motivated by enlightened thinkers. Another problem leading to the cause of the revolution was the weakness of king Louis XIV, Louis was ignorant and payed little attention to the third estate. When the government needed money, it would all come from the third estate. The third estate was tired and in a dramatic speech they renamed themselves the National assembly. Their breaking point was when the national assembly found themselves locked out of their meeting house. They then broke into a tennis court and took the "tennis court oath" where they vowed for change. Louis tried to make peace with the third estate but nothing he would do would make peace with the third estate.

Soon France was in a state of complete chaos. The third estate formed a mob and were destroying everything in their path. The people of France gathered momentum and invaded the Bastille, a French...