French Revolution- Reign of Terror

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Lawrence Boikov 11 Modern History Ms Berger

The French Revolution

The Reign of Terror

Source Citations- Images.

"The Welcoming of a Marquis in Hell"- Hereon referred to as Source A.

The image points out the destruction of the nobility, depicting the arrival in Hell of a "marquis" and several other "aristocrats," described in the legend as "conspirators" and "traitors."

Source: Museum of the French Revolution L85.772

"Abuses to Suppress"- Hereon referred to as Source B.

This print depicts the Third Estate-represented by the peasant at the rear of the chariot, the worker leading the horse, and the merchant driving-delivering to the National Assembly a petition listing "abuses" to be remedied.

Source: Museum of the French Revolution 88.133

"The Radical's Arms. (No God! No Religion!! No King! No Constitution!!)"- Hereon referred to as Source C.

From an English periodical of 1819, this antirevolutionary print portrays the sans-culottes as drunkards anxious to destroy by fire, gallows, and guillotine rather than to work for their own good.

The image satirizes the idea of sans-culotte simplicity by arranging the two figures and the guillotine as an aristocratic coat of arms.

Source: Museum of the French Revolution 93.12

Source Citations- Texts.

Hereon referred to as Source D

1. Immediately after the publication of the present decree, all suspects within the territory of the Republic and still at large, shall be placed in custody.

2. The following are deemed suspects:

1- those who, by their conduct, associations, comments, or writings have shown themselves partisans of tyranny or federalism and enemies of liberty;

2- those who are unable to justify, in the manner prescribed by the decree of 21 March, their means of existence and the performance of their civic duties;

3- those to whom certificates of patriotism have been refused;

4- civil servants suspended or dismissed...