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Terrica Clark

Dr. Melissa Thomas

Freshman Seminar 100

30 November 2013

Freshman Reflection Paper

My freshman experience was better than I ever expected it to be. I had some up and downs during my first semester here but my challenges only made me wiser. I partook in a lot of activates and I met some wonderful new people who I hope to have friendships with for years to come. Not only have I learned some lessons in this short amount of time, I have learned from them, and that is by far the best part of this experience.

I am so grateful that UM has ram rush week. Ram rush helped me to get out of my comfort zone. You are kind of forced to talk to people because every freshman had a ram rush group. Having the feeling of being obligated to communicate with others is a good thing to have because without a little push, I probably would not know as many people as I do.

My favorite event during ram rush was the color rad. It was so much fun. At first, I was not going to participate because I didn't want to get that in my hair but it seemed fun so I tried it. Little did I know how intense it was going to get. People were slamming the color powder in your face and some of the people in my own group even got me I think. When everyone was done, I could barely see in front of me because of the dusk left behind from the powder. Sadly, my group did not win. I think we got more of our color on each other than the other team. But it wasn't about winning it. It was about fellowshipping with others.

Another event...