The Freudian Revolution

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Introduction, according to the theory of Freud the death of individual is a concept of death instinct and he is certain that the aim of life is death. However, Freud believes that the death of men is still balanced by Eros wherein it still drives positively to men in order to preserve life. Freud lived with the reality of death. Sigmund Freud discussed the pursuit of happiness and he theorized it in different ways. Happiness is considered to be along with sadness and it is not significant in life. The essence of life tries to achieve the goal by following the way and becoming tranquil. Freud explains tat men’s goal in life is to achieve happiness and he believes that primal sexual experience gives meaning to men’s life and it is the key to happiness. Death is just another part of life and it is insignificant and it must be accepted without sorrow.

Based on Freud’s theory, human thrive for happiness during their life and these passionate desires are healthy. People normally want to be happy and remain in this condition. Happiness is the primary objective in life of men.

Sources of unhappiness believes that true happiness cannot be achieved in society and according to his views; society puts limits on men’s true desires such as sexual love or aggression. Love comes into oppositions to the interest of civilization and the civilization has the tendency to threaten love with substantial restrictions. Freud explains that true happiness is not possible because of the society. The society is heavily responsible with the individual’s misery. There are sources of unhappiness and the first is the body of every individual. The body of men is subject to decay and dissolution and it is even relies on pain and anxiety. Another source of unhappiness is the external world wherein it is constant source of suffering especially the forces of destruction like the earthquakes, and floods. The other source of suffering and unhappiness is the relationship of every individual with other human beings. This source of unhappiness is painful compare to other sufferings. The three sources of unhappiness give emphasis on biology and it is with the presence of sexuality. Freud argues that the interpersonal relationship is comprised of the most painful experience and it is the bedrock for the humans. All the human beings are trying to avoid suffering and they are capable of engaging in several schemes, denial and vindictiveness. Individual used to protect themselves from being rejected, disappointed and frustrated by others. Sources of unhappiness started with the relationship of individuals to other human beings such as spouses, lovers and colleagues.

conclusion there are people arguing about the standpoint that violence and aggression is innate to human beings. These people are not convinced that aggression is a biological makeup and a result of culture and society. According to Freud, aggression is an innate emotion and it is restrained by authority and constricts by society. Civilization has its utmost efforts in setting limits to the aggressiveness instincts and it holds the manifestation by the physical reaction formations. Freud explains that violence is a fact in the inclination to aggression as a self subsisting instinctual disposition in man and it is impossible for men to give up the satisfaction of the inclination to aggression. Freud believes that people believe that human are not naturally gentle and they are extremely violent and selfish and the libido of every individual is only satisfied in the natural aggressive state that is commonly opposed to the concept of love. Human beings are naturally competitive and violent and there is always a conflict and most people are giving concern to their individual interests. It is true that people are normally inclines with aggression due to the factors and influenced from the society.

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