Friar Lawrence is called before a tribunal chaired by the Prince to give an account of his part played in the play

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Towards the closing stages of the play, Friar Lawrence's way of conduct contributed vastly in the tragic outcome of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Because of his pusillanimous demeanour, Friar Lawrence of Verona was called before a tribunal, chaired by the prince, to give his account of the ill-fated calamity, which occurred yesterday in the Friar's residence.

Friar Lawrence was a respective member of the community until this tragic circumstance. He was often called upon to advise others and was a valuable figure in the community. He had a very important role, being the sole figure of religion. He was entrusted with key thoughts and was blessed with knowledge of being a Franciscan priest. How this could change so dramatically was astounding.

The morning of the tribunal, brought forward the Antarctic breeze, chilling the atmosphere somewhat more, to its ultimate. The sun somehow seemed to disappear, to the disarray of the wild life surrounding the dreaded courtroom.

In particular, a blackened cloud loomed above the head of Friar Lawrence, as if it were magnetically attracted to him. The once crowded, boisterous streets seemed as though its existence had now failed, as though it was based upon the lives of the two individuals. The streets, on a usual day for this time of year, would be dominated with the majority of the population as the commuters rejoiced in the blissful festival which was a yearly event in the town of Verona. However, this all now was nothing but a distant memory.

As the Friar approached the courtroom, which had determined many peoples fate, the only thing that was evident to the eye was the clear guilt, portrayed by the Friar. His face, which once brightened the gloomy days, instead seemed to camouflage with the distance surroundings. His...