The Frick Museum

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The Frick Museum

Today I visited the Frick Museum, which is my history assignment. Before I visited to the Frick museum, I had no idea about who Frick was and what would I see in the museum. Later on, I found that the Frick was a rich man, steel industrialist and the world famous art collector. He collected the most famous works of Western painting, sculpture, and decorative art, from the early Renaissance through the late nineteenth century. A visit to the Frick museum could help people to know more about art history.

The Frick Collection is located in the former mansion of New York City. The purpose of public museum is "encouraging and developing the study of the fine arts..." When you step into the museum, you will feel more like a private home than a public place. Some of the rooms in the house have painted walls like the church or castle.

The furniture in all the rooms is almost entirely from sixteenth century. The house is very big, all the rooms have rich wood walls and floors. The marble fireplaces and decorative columns are giving visitors the sense of being in an old cathedral. It's hard to imagine that people actually lived here before.

It's really a great time for me to see those fine arts. A visit to the Frick Collection could improve our esthetic sentiment and help us to understand more about art history. I am looking forward to see more fine arts and wish every visitor would use their heart to enjoy these art works.