Frida Fahlo

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I was very impressed with this Movie. I had never really known that much about Frida Kahlo until now. Her and Diego where really involved revolutionaries of the time in Mexico. In watching her story, I admire Diego her husband for standing up for his painting in New York after painting Stalin in the wall he was working on. I really liked how Diego says to Frida referring to their famous revolutionary guest, that how can a man that has a price on his head can be so calmed. I liked how this can refer to her also, in how she has so much suffering but she does not show it quite as much as she feels it. She is definitely a very, very strong woman that has suffered immensely through out her life time.

I really like how Salma Hayek plays the role of Frida in this movie; she really shows the strong qualities that the real Frida Kahlo probably had.

One thing I really liked about the movie is the blending of her paintings into real life actors, and how they go back and forth between it. Also the cinematography of the movie is amazingly well done. Another thing I really like is that at many times in the movie you forget that is Salma Hayek and you see Frida Kahlo. I also can't still get over that she was a lesbian, since she is such a big figure to all women, even to many conservative women all over the world. Her paintings were incredible throughout her entire life time. Overall I think Frida was certainly on of the biggest Mexican icon to ever exist.