Friday Night Lights

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Dean Oppizzi

Friday Night Lights

By: H.G Bissinger

365 pages

Da Capo Press

Under The Lights

Friday Night Lights is a moving story of a high school football team with many bumps in the road. The Permian panthers from Odessa, Texas eat, sleep and breath football. The athletes on the panthers are put under a huge amount of stress to be above perfect on the football field. With colleges looking for players with power, speed, agility, every player on the team needs to play with 110 percent every play putting there body's on the line and playing not for them selves but for the man next to him.

The only problem of playing for Permian high school is the racist community, although the teams and schools are integrated, the town is not a fan of colored. Texas had one job for the colored young men and that was to play football, Odessa Texas was stuck with poverty when the oil industry dropped prices because it killed their economy.

With every player there is huge amounts of pressure on a top team in the state of Texas. Don Billingsley is a prime example of a player with huge amounts of pressure on him, Don, being a senior, and a starting fullback needs to hold the team and be a leader but has one flaw. Don's one problem is him flaw to hold onto the ball. One of the most frowned on moments in the game is a fumble, a fumble is when the ball Carrier has the ball and coughs up the ball when a player on the other team pops it out. Don has a ton of pressure on him because of this; he can't let down his team Every time he gets the ball.

A championship quality team should...