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Friedrich Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the greatest thinkers in modern history. His works appear throughout the globe and represent some of the best ideas and speculations in philosophy. However, many people do not consider him a philosopher. His anti-religion shocked and sickened many readers. His works are sometimes denounced by the close minded. Many great minds though cannot deny the truth in Nietzsche's writing. He was far ahead of his time in terms of thought and has influenced modern thinking as we know it today. Western thinking tries to deny his ideas but in the end these very ideas that Nietzsche proposed do hold some truth.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was born on October 15th,1844 in Rocken, Germany. Although his later beliefs would not show it, Nietzsche was raised in a prominent Protestant family that worshiped the Lutheran faith. His father, Carl, was even a minister at a local church.

His father eventually died when Nietzsche was four and thus left him to be raised in a household that consisted of nothing but women. He was raised with a strong sense of music and respect for the arts. It was very evident, even at a young age, that Nietzsche was a very talented and intellectually gifted boy. He showed an undying interest in music and writing and was fascinated at great lengths by the two. family eventually moved to the city of Naumburg. This move placed Nietzsche in a public school where he was a loner and made no friends. Nietzsche was eventually entered into a private catholic school where he would go on to make many friends. It is important to take note the pattern of being a loner that Nietzsche possessed because it would go on to heavily influence his later works.

Around the age of ten...