Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher of the late 19th century, born in Rocken bei Lutzen Germany, October 15, 1844.

Nietzsche once wrote, "He who strays form tradition becomes a sacrifice to the extraordinary." It might be said that this was a reflection of himself. Obviously a true romantic, his love for nature and humanity, even the sheer disgust he had for Christianity. All of his essays and writings represent his strong feelings about Romanticism. Friedrich Nietzsche was best known for his observations of humankind and their nature. It was admirable that he was passionate about his philosophical writings and his pre-Socratic thinking. Nietzsche wrote about everything from life to death, and everything he wrote held a special importance to him.

As a young boy, Friedrich suffered a lot more than an average child although he was brilliant. He has a very sad and lonely childhood, because of the hardships he experienced.

Many of which inspired him to his later writings. At the age of four, Nietzsche's father, a pastor, passed away from a brain aliment and his younger brother followed six months later. This event both traumatized and stimulated the young boy. He became obsessed with death and its related theories: such as: suffering, disintegration of the brain, death, burial and graves. Growing up he realized he had inherited his father’s ailment. He became physically weak though this did not deplete his strong will.

Nietzsche was drafted into the army and was sent off to war between Germany and France. While at war he fell off his horse, and was discharged because of the injury.

At this point in his life he began to drink, go to parties, and lose control. This became too intense for him and his illness could not stand it. After a few months...