Friend or Foe?

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¿Amigo o enemigo?

Friend or Foe?

When Sydney and I had put the horses in their stalls, we walked to the tack room, and opened the refrigerator, looking for a cold drink. I picked up a small glass container and peered through, not seeing a thing. I opened the container, looked inside, and before I knew it, I couldn't see. Sydney had not been looking at me when I opened it up; she had been looking through a book.

"Why did you open that!?"

"I thought there wasn't anything in it," I quickly replied.

"No, no, no! That's a gas. It's called Lindba gas. When you open it, which you're not supposed to except in emergencies, it causes blindness."

"How long does it last?" I asked.

"How should I know!? I'm no gas scientist, but I imagine it could last quite a few hours."

"Now, why on earth, do we have...what

did you call it?"

"Lindba gas." She replied.

"Well, why do we have limbda gas here?"

"No, Lindba gas," she corrected, "and don't rub it in. In chemistry we were using it in an experiment."

"Oh, on to go blind? Geeze, give me a break! Oh ya and what type of emergency would you use this in? In the Make your Friend Go Blind Competition?" I furiously said. Which I shouldn't have, but I did anyways. So I tried to be nicer.

"Why don't we feel our way over to the house, and see if we can't wash this out of our eyes."

"You can't"

"Can't what?" I asked.

"You can't wash it out of your eyes. Not possible, nope."

I could sense that she was backing off. I heard some metal hit the ground, probably the pitchfork. She had obviously found her way out of the tack...