A Friend I Will Never Forget

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There are people who you call friends ans ther are some that make you feel special like nobody else in the world. Well, I met somebody like that and there isn't anybody that I have come into contact with more sweet and considerat like he is. With him the word friends has a totally different meaning. Our genuine friendship isn't spurious. It is true and genuine. When hard times arise, he comes and lays his firm, manly hands on my shoulders and when I look into his cherubic face,it assures me that everything will be alright. I told him ny utter most deepest secrets that I never told anyone, and he gave me an oath of trust and secrecy that he wouldn't tell anyone. We've been friends for four whole years and our friendshiip has become stronger each year. Wherever he was i was right there with him like an accomplice in a murder.

His diligent, stern, upfront attituse attracted me to him because friends like them didn't take lowness and I like that about people.

Then, there was a problem. he wasn't talking as much and his comely appearance changed into a pensive gaze. I often found him in a morose mood and I would share my thoughts and feelings his mind was opaque like a thick wall and it seemed like I was talking to myself. Then breaking the silence I asked him what happened. His face was blank, but he then told me that he was moving to another city far away from here because his parents had gotten a job tranfer. I was motionless, acting the same way he was acting when I first saw him. I saw the tears trickle from his lonely eyes rolling down his black cheeks like snowballs in an avalanche. This...