A friend is someone you chose very carefully because you

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A friend is someone you chose very carefully because you don't want to end up with a friend wh is mean to you. I have found this person and her name is Alison. Many times after church we go to each other houses and play or go to the park. I can always trust her to do what she says she will do. I know that when I am having a bad day she will put up with me. She can listen as well as talk. She has many other qualities that just make me love her so much.

We are always sharing each other sercrets. I can't keep anything from her because she always knows when I am lying. It is a downer that she knows when i am lying.

She has flamming red hair and it just a little taller than me, which makes it perfect for us to walk with out arms linked together.

She has bright green eyes. Her skin is really really pale; she has to wear alot of sun screen because the sun burns her really bad when we go swimming together.She wears these glasses with thick black rims. She has a really great since of style although I don't.