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Cyril Maravilla





I can say that friends play a very important role in my life. They take part in shaping the outcome in my future. They are people whom are always there for me. I'd like to see having friends is like having a team. Every good team has a good player and by this I mean my friends are always there when I need them, they are supportive, and we work well with one another.

I can name various scenarios in which my friends were there for me. One time we got in trouble for doing something and when we were asked what happened, they brought us in one by one. We all covered for one another and our punishment was less severe then of what it really could've been. I put all my faith and trust that they wont let me down.

My friends never put me down, they try their best to pick me up, they are nothing but supportive.

I've told them best to pick me up, they are nothing but supportive. I've told them many stories on how it was my fault in many things that have happened to me, but they still think didn't think of me any differently. They didn't tell me what I did was bad but they told me no to do it and understood the reasons why I did them.

Lastly, going to an all guy school just helps us build a bond on how we really act. There are no girls here that we try to impress so when we do something its how we really act. Chemistry between us "boys" is important in our group of friends. If you can get with one of us with no problem, it shouldn't be hard...