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Introduction to Ethics

Prof. Heng Sreang

Name: Sy BunSong

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Friends Make Life Colorful

(Why Friendship?)

"People were born with selfishness, but a true love from a true friendship makes a person different. Family is the closest relationship a person has, and friendship is a type of a relation where a friend is defined as a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. Friendship seems to be the second most important relationship after family." This is what I always say to people around me. I have loved strengthening relationships with my friends from a very young age, but since I started to go to school, I have always told myself to make my family proud of me and lead myself to a bright future by learning from step to step. No matter how many times I have failed at things I want to succeed, I still tell myself not to give up.

Therefore, during my high school life, I didn't spent much time on making new friends because I spent most of my free-times on the study and hoped one day I could succeed my dream. However, after entering into university life, I changed.

First day at university seemed to be a day in hell, I got nobody talked to, and even sat beside. Everyone in class really enjoyed with their studies, and they weren't interested in making friends. Many days passed, I got a friend. He was lazy and didn't understand much about the lessons. What I could help him was explaining him the lessons that he didn't understand. Two months later, we were in the second term of year one, and what made me disappointed the most was that his study was still bad even I had been trying so hard explaining...