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College Writing Important Lessons I have learned many important lessons at school, however the greatest lesson I have learned there has nothing to do with Math or English. The greatest lesson I have learned is that the most important gift is a wonderful miracle we call friendship. You do not know how it happens or when it begins, but eventually you realize that true friends are very rare and hard to find. Somehow they can make you smile, lend an ear, and continuously encourage you to succeed.

I happened to meet my first best friend in sixth grade. In elementary school everybody knew everybody so it became the talk of the sixth grade class when our teacher introduced the new student. Afton stood there quietly as the rest of the students studied her with awe. Her long blonde hair was pulled straight up in piglets, her smile showed her two missing teeth.

Afton's once immaculate clothes were now soiled and her shoes were tied tightly but looked as if they were on the wrong feet.

Trying to get away from the number of eyes watching her, she collapsed into the empty seat next to me and slyly handed me a gigantic blue gum-ball. She pulled out a comic book from her backpack and I quietly asked her if I could read it with her. At that very moment something clicked and we both realized we would be friends for life.

Maybe that day we were both looking for a smile. Whatever it was, we both found it.

Throughout my sixth grade year I had found someone to continuously laugh with late at night, and someone to drink hot cocoa with on the cold winter days when school was canceled. Most of all, I had found someone I could actually...