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Friendship Life is more rewarding with friendship. We need friend in our life, a friend to share all the joy or the sadness. Everyday we have a change to meet someone new. It doesn't matter if we are at school, at work or even at bus stop, people are everywhere and we have a choice, if we want to get along or not. In my experience, I found there are categories of friendship such as convenience friends, historical friends, and close friends.

The first category is convenience friends. There are people around us like neighbor, classmate or work friend. These are people with whom we exchange small favors. For examples my neighbor will give me a ride when I need a lift to go to school, my classmate will help me when I start falling behind in my school work, my friend at work will cover or trade a shift for me if something comes up and I need the day off.

As I do for them. But with convenience friend I ever come too close or tell too much. We maintain our public face and emotional distance.

The second category is historical friends. Erica is my friend since I was a little. She was my neighbor and we grew up together. We were in the same school. I was there when she fell in love for the very first time and she was there when I got a car accident. I knew how she looked before her teeth were straightened. The years have gone by, we have gone separate ways, we have little in common now, but we still are intimate part of each other's past. Where ever we are now, we still keep in touch by phone or email. We always laugh when we remember our...