Friendship Amongst Enemies: Summer of My German Soldier

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Why is "friendship amongst enemies", a major clue in Summer of My German Soldier? I know what friendship amongst enemies feels like, and it is important because it is the reason why we continue to have 'enemies' and challenges in life. Patty was living her life like she was a teenager in a high school, and no one wanted to be her friend because she was different from all the other kids.

Our enemies often become very helpful to our lives by making us better and opening up our minds and hearts to become stronger. For example, when Ruth said to Patty on page 114 - "Like the Bible tells us, when a man will lay down his life for a friend, well, then there ain't no greater love in this here world than that.", she was talking about Anton who came to the U.S. as a prisoner of war, and he was supposed to be Patty's enemy, but instead he became her best friend, and showed her how to truly live when he told her that she was a person of value just like everyone else.

I know how Patty Bergen felt when she thought that no one in the world was her friend, and she was all alone. Patty was like the caged young bird, and Anton was the person who set her free.

Our enemies take us to the next level of our 'true selves', without them we have nothing to challenge us in life. Patty Bergen said to her father in page 143 - "And I don't love you. Nobody does!". To Patty, her father was one of her biggest enemy but even though she didn't know it, her father made her a stronger and an even better individual. Patty was like one of the...